The Topeka Art Guild needs someone to be a workshop coordinator. This person will contact potential workshop instructors and discuss with them their fees, length of workshop, when they are available, and what they will title their workshop.

Once all the details are agreed upon, the workshop coordinator will have the instructor sign a contract, which will also be signed by two T.A.G. board members.  The contract form is available in the TAG office.

As the coordinator, you will need to be available to the instructor to answer questions that may arise. During the days of the workshop, you arrange for the instructor’s transportation to the classroom and let them into the facility as well as locking up after the class each day.

Prior to the workshop you will post a sign-up sheet in the Gallery and provide the artist's list of supplies/materials that workshop participants will need to bring.

The coordinator will make sure the instructor gets paid.

If interested please contact one of the Executive Committee members.


The Topeka Art Guild supports and promotes the visual arts and art education
through public programs and exhibitions of original work.

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