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Executive Committee 2023-2024

 Marie Plinsky, Chair  Karol Sutherland, Office Manager
Courtney Armstrong, Vice-Chair  Lila Bartel, High School Liaison
  --, Treasurer   Suzie Smith
 Sherrie Dick, 3D and First Fridays 
 Aric Harrington
 Mike Locke  
 --  Cynthia Stotlar-Hedberg, Communications
Meet the Committee Members

Leadership’s Commitment to the Guild

The Topeka Art Guild works to provide high quality arts activities and programs.  Our priorities include:

Arts Education and Support

    • Provide member artists support needed to increase their respective level of professionalism
    • Provide workshops to improve skills of members and community at large
    • Support area High School artists with scholarships and opportunities to display their work

Partnership Goal

  • Develop synergistic relationships/partnerships with other arts organizations (NOTO, Arts Connect, Vision Topeka, Go Topeka, Mulvane), and other galleries in town to promote art in Topeka.

Resource Development

      • Build the scholarship fund to 2K annually

Meet the committee Members

Courtney Armstrong

Vice Chair of the Executive Committee;
Calling Committee;
Will be arranging speakers for Members Night

I recently moved to Topeka from Denver, Colorado. In Denver I was on the board of the Mountainside Art Guild as the Webmaster; participated in all shows and hung my work in all the avenues we used, (we did not keep a gallery). I also facilitated a life drawing class for the City of Lakewood and judged several art shows for them. I have an Associate of Arts degree in Music and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art.

My life has been about creativity – I played music for my living a number of years during and after college; worked as a retouch artist at a photography studio, when film was still used; taught beginning watercolor, pastel and drawing and spent 25 years as a draftsman/designer in electrical engineering – first on the drawing board, hand-drawing building plans, later on computer as the world changed. I paint a lot of cards – too much fun, so I never buy them. Used to have card classes also, still do – if you’re interested . . . I have always made art and played music.

Lila Bartel

I have been part of the Executive Board of the Topeka Art Guild for over five years. During my 2, 2-year terms and the start of the third, I have found my main contribution to be connecting TAG to the local schools with displays and leading to the selection of deserving scholarship winners. For the past five years, their teachers are invited to exhibit in an Educators' Art show in September.

As well, I have founded an Open Studio afternoon each week and since 2018 we have provided room, setup, and nutty advice to participants. This has been co-sponsored by John Riordan, the TAG handyman and beloved expert at all things mechanical, not to mention a strong horticultural expert who provides real flowers for almost every drawing session. Thursday's Open Studio has invited presenters and the entire group shares thoughts and creations with each other.

Cynthia Stotlar-Hedberg

Hi, I’m Cynthia and have been a guild member over 20 years. I’m back on the Executive Committee after a 12 year break. I’m in charge of getting classes going after a hiatus and for “projects” like gathering member input and planning a strategic planning meeting for us. So it’s often me sending you emails.

My art journey started when my grandmother willed me her art supplies. I was 5. The most trouble I’ve gotten to was drawing in the air as a 7 year old while sitting on the front row at church. My art has become more “real” since then. I enjoy all the mediums: oil, pastels, acrylics and watercolors.

Right now, I do a watercolor card ministry for my church. My watercolor skills have gotten better.

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