NOTE: This page is being set up as a "SAMPLE PAGE" for members to see the potential of a TAG WEBSITE MEMBER PAGE.

One recommended layout is shown below. Begin with a brief introduction. Then have a list of your available artwork. You may also want to have your pieces in a "slide show," like the one included at the bottom of this page.

LuAnn Pepperwood

I'm one of the more unusual members of TAG.
I don't usually enter my art in shows.
I am not particularly interesting SELLING  art.
But I am a very active member of the Topeka Art Guild.
Ihave two "jobs."

First and foremost:
This is creative work of a different sort.
I speak geek: HTML and SVG.

I am an teacher. I love to work with children or adults who are just beginning their art journey. I've offered various free classes and workshops at TAG since January 2023.

And now....Ask What Your Webmaster can do for YOU:

After working on the website for a little over four months, I have reached a point where I'm ready to offer members their own web pages. This may not get a lot of response, but I believe it can be an attractive benefit to encourage new artists to join TAG.

Available Art:

"2023 Oueve"

Members who take part in Thursday's Open Studio were featured as "Artists of the Month" in August.

Although I do not normally exhibit, I wanted to be a rart of this event.

So I included this piece, titled "2023 Oueve."

Medium: Prismacolor pencil on watercolor paper

Size: 7: x 9"

Price: $42 

This is my kind of art:

  • Not 100% representational realism
  • Not-too-deeply hidden meaning (only one person got the joke and opened the QR code....)
  • Even the price is a bit of a joke. 42!?!?! It's not really for sale. 


Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas

Size: 2.5" x 3.5"

Price: NFS. It's a trading card!

Artist Contact Details: email


Media: Alcohol marker on Yupo

Size: 2.5" x 3.5"

Drawn for a recent "Swap Event" called "Magic Maps."

This is my map of the Web site.

Is it fancy? No.

Was it fun? Yes.

You may have up to twenty images on your webpage. You must provide all photos and all text. You may, if time permits, meet with the webmaster and discuss layout options. Keep in mind that we have a "responsive" website that will adapt to different size screens, so what you see on a computer will differ from what you see on a phone. 

Here's another kind of "gadget" you could put on your page: a photo gallery/slide show:

Here are some of the workshops I have hosted:

(click to initiate slide show)

Acrylic Painting for Beginners

My favorite thing to do is SHARE THE JOY OF PAINTING WITH OTHERS. I started hosting a workshop-style class on Wednesday evenings in September. This has been scheduled for every Wednesday in October, too.

In order to help people choose what to paint, I set up this planning page.

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