A collection of Facebook Postings from 2022:

2022 Old Masters Show


The files shown here were from 2020 and 2021 folders on the server AND Facebook postings. During the pandemic, webmaster Kris Luber did her best to post many examples of each artist's work onine.

This is a really fun collection of approximately a HUNDRED photos!


Since the gallery was closed for a good part of 2020, Kris made the effort to post a "poster" for each artist on Facebook. Some of these appear in the longer slide show above, but this set is in alphabetical order by last name, and gleaned from Facebook.

2020 Paintings: I think these are from the Kansas Show:


There were only 24 images in the 2019 folder. Most of them did not include the artist's names. I think most were from the Kansas Show"


Most of the 2018 pictures were in a single folder. I've tried to organize them by date:

February: Artistic Conspiracy

March: Explorations in Mixed Media

August: Security Benefit

September: Art Educators Exhibit

September: Social and Pottery Presentation

September: Jefferson West exhibit

October: Artist of the Month: Marie Plinsky

These images are from a folder labelled "Juried Show." Unfortunately, only a few photos include the artist's names. Some are sideways. I don't have time to fix them now.


A slide show folder was still in place for the Spring show:


Assorted photos from 2016:


In 2015 the shows were all nicely organized into slide shows!


The 2014 folder has a lot of images, but the artists are not identified so I am not posting them here.


Once again, the pictures were in the folder, but no identification or artist or show...

2012 and 2011

This photo was named "2012_window."

and these are dated 2011:


While searching through old boxes of TAG clippings, the webmaster photographed this document from 1999:

Another photo from the past:

2022 Facebook Postings by Kris Luber

In July 2023, I decided to collect as many of Kris's postings as possible, and put them on their own page.

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