Past TAG Shows...

Webmaster's Note: 2023: I found these files on our server. If you have any information you would like to add, please check the member directory and contact LuAnn Lawhon! I am very interested in preserving our history.

2019 Spring Show

2020 Kansas Show

2022 Old Masters

Unidentified Show

2023 Reflection

Pictures from the Past

I photographed this piece of paper from 1999 when we brought down a few boxes from the attic in May 2023:

From 2015:

From 2016:

From 2017:

From 2018: 

Has the Prospectus changed much? Take a look at this...

NOTE: The new webmaster is slowly, slowly sifting through folders of old pictures and trying to recover some data from the past. If you have an interest in this sort of thing, and want to have some input, contact LUANN LAWHON through the member directory.


The files shown here were "mined" from Facebook! I believe that Kristine Luber was in charge of Facebook postings at that time. I think it is fitting to preserve her hard work here on the TAG website:

2022 Facebook Postings by Kris Luber

In July 2023, I decided to collect as many of Kris's postings as possible, and put them on their own page.

The Topeka Art Guild supports and promotes the visual arts and art education through public programs and exhibitions of original work.

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