2024 Spring Show: Places You'd Love to Be

April-May  Jurist: Monette Mark

The 2024 Spring Show opened April 5th. Winners were announced during the First Friday celebrations. 

First, Second and Third

First: Mark Hahn. I was drawn to this piece initially by the texture and design of the composition. The material used and scale of the piece allows you to imagine yourself on the bank of a fishing pond or river, looking down, imagining the story behind the child and animal footprints left behind.

Second: Carol Williams.This piece radiates stunning color and calmness. The allusion of texture fades off into the distance as the reflection of light warms the foreground pulling everything together.

Thoughtful detail and technique combine to create a beautiful landscape.

Third: C.T. (Fred) Hsia.This realistic portrait shows a girl gazing off into the distance. The exceptional style and skill used to create the expression and wisps of hair flowing in the breeze caught my attention.

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