How to Become an Active Topeka Art Guild Volunteer

The Topeka Art Guild is a non-profit. There are NO paid positions. The gallery simply could not operate if it were not for volunteers.

"Non-Committee" Workers

Gallery Shift Worker

This is the most popular volunteer position, because it comes with benefits: work at least twelve hours per month and earn a higher percentage when your art sells. 

First Friday Host

The Topeka Art Guild Gallery is open late on the First Friday of the month.  Hosts are needed to set up the event, greet guests, and clean up after the event.


Volunteer instructors are the BEST! If you have a particular skill, at ANY level, you can teach in the TAG classroom. 

Committee Workers

Most of the behind-the-scenes work at the Topeka Art Guild gets done by committees. Generally, one person is the chair of the committee and makes the major decisions, and committee members take turns working when needed.

Fundraising. If you have fundraising experience, WE NEED YOU! Contact Marie Plinsky if you can chair this committee.

Hanging Committee: Dorethy Hancock has chaired this committee for years. She decides "what goes where," but she certainly needs help getting all those paintings onto the walls!

Guest Speakers/Member Meetings: The chair of this committee is Courtney Armstrong. She schedules speakers for the monthly member meetings.. If you have good contacts in the art world, you can certainly join Courtney's c committee. 

Classes and Workshops: Cynthia Stotlar-Hedberg is the chair of this committee. She schedules classes with professional instructors. These classes have paid instructors and fees.

Newsletter and Website. LuAnn Lawhon is the chair of this committee.
Articles for the newsletter are always welcome.
We also have blogs.
If you would like to learn how to do "web work," you can become the master of one or more web pages on the TAG website.
(You may enjoy learning a little HTML, and other web skills! It IS possible to be both an artist and a geek....) 

Social Media. Cynthia Stotlar-Hedberg manages the TAG Facebook account. Both Cynthia and LuAnn post on TAG's Instagram account. We are open to suggestions and help from anyone with social media skills!

High School Exhibits. Lila Bartel chairs this committee. While Lila communicates with the various high school teachers to make arrangements for the exhibits, a volunteer would be most helpful when a show comes down: packing delivering the art back to the schools would be a marvelous help.

Scholarship Committee. This committee is active in the spring. Members change from year to year. 

Membership Development. This is an "unofficial" committee at this time. The membership brochure was re-written by LuAnn Lawhon in October of 2023. If you have ideas and/or experience with membership development: WE NEED YOU!

If you have questions about any of these positions, the best starting point is to send an email to the TAG generic email account:

The original "Volunteer Information" is preserved below, including a very old link to a very old page that doesn't really allow you to volunteer....

Volunteer Information

Topeka Art Guild & Gallery Volunteer Opportunities

The Topeka Art Guild is a total-volunteer nonprofit and depends on members who become engaged in the organizational operations to fully function.  How can you help? Following is a nonexclusive list of volunteer opportunities with TAG:

Leadership Positions

  • Board of Directors
  • Fund Raising
  • Community Liaison

Standing Committees

  • Gallery
    • Shows/Exhibit
    • 1st Friday Receptions
    • Hanging
  • Membership
    • Membership Development
    • Education
      • Member Meetings
      • Workshops
  • Public Relations
    • Social Media
    • Website
    • News

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Scholarship
  • Nomination
  • Juried Show (Spring/Fall)

Gallery Shift Worker


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to assist with First Friday Art Walk Receptions!  Since we have no official Reception Chairperson, we are relying on each one of you especially, but not solely, those who are currently exhibiting at the gallery to bring food, set up before, clean up after (wherever you consider your niche to be). If you can help, please contact us here
....and thank you for your support! 

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